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Welcome to Superior Container and Shed

We are a small veteran owned business here to serve you, America. We are small enough to be personable with you, and big enough to make things happen on the day we say they are going to. If one of our trucks or drivers goes down, we have another to fill the gap. Make no mistake about it, we are a 5 star company. We carry only the best Storage containers. If you want damaged connex boxes (or what ever you want to call them) we can provide you with those too. Our guarantee is 3 years when you purchase our cargo worthy storage containers.

Not All Shipping Containers Are Equal - See below for the different grades

As-Is" Storage Containers

As-Is units are containers that have been damaged during shipment. These units are not suitable for stationary storage that will provide wind and watertight storage. The damages can range from major holes in the roof or walls, damaged floors, bent doors that doesn't open, or some other form of minor to major structural damage.

As-Is units excludes them from being graded Wind and Watertight, so they are not guaranteed to be weatherproof. These containers are generally cheaper and not considered as "usable storage units". All of the other grades are generally a much better option.

If you need a container for keeping something secure but are not worried about holes or structural damage, this could be a great choice. Keep in mind these units are as is, and we make no guarantee. 

Wind and Watertight Storage Containers

Wind and Watertight containers are the most common storage solution available on the market. This is the most economical container available and is guaranteed to be weather-proof. These containers have been retired by the shipping line, so they do show a good amount of wear and tear, bumps and bruises, basically what we consider as "cosmetic”. If you are looking for a container that has less structural damage and no holes the wind and watertight is your best choice. Wind and water tight is a guarantee the roof, and 4 walls are leak free, this doesn't include the floor. 

"Cargo Worthy" Storage Containers

We are a proud supplier of cargo worthy shipping containers. We guarantee this product for up to 3 years free of leaks. All of our units are 2006 and newer. Usually 2008, but even our 2006 units are in great shape! These connex boxes are in pretty straight shape, have no holes, very minimal defects, and have a long life ahead of them. Yes like all containers, except one trip they will have surface rust. Nothing cancerous, and in most cases if you aren't 100% satisfied at the time of delivery we will take it back to our yard and provide you with a different unit (as long as unit hasn't been unloaded). We are only in business to provide 5 star service to all of our customers. 


New "One Trip" Storage Containers

New "One Trip" containers are the best quality units available on the market. They are as close to brand new as you can get. These units generally come painted either light beige or grey and are equipped with high handles for easier opening and lock boxes for added security.

These containers are not painted bright colors with a shipping label company advertisement on them. They are typically solid one color and do not need to be repainted.

There is no question that this is the best quality container for your money. The only signs of wear on them that could possibly be noted from their sole trip across the ocean are tire marks on the floor from a forklift unloading it or light scratches on out outside corner posts where it was picked up to be loaded. Other than that, there is virtually no wear and tear.

Throughout the years, Superior Container and Shed will always maintain the highest level of business integrity in order to build and strengthen long-lasting customer relationships with both small and large businesses alike. We always go above and beyond to make sure every customer is satisfied with our products and services.

Refrigerated Units

We carry working and non-working Refer units. These units are 480v and great for keeping things cool. These connex boxes are already insulated to provide the maximum protection against the heat and the cold. Refer units come in 20' 24' and 40' sizes. typically they are made of aluminum, steel, and copper. Height sizes are either 8' 6" or 9' 6". 

Superior Container & Shed is your premier veteran owned, small business retailer for all of your shipping and storage container sales. We also provide transportation services, container modifications (I.e. roll up doors, man doors, roof vents, and paint). Other less common services we provide are grading to level your shipping container, placement when large tractor trailers will not fit. We are your one stop shop, when others say no, we say yes! It is so easy to say no, we wish more people would say yes! We provide the most solutions to your problems in the greater Southern California Area.